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Quote Supermarket are an independent, whole of market mortgage broker working with the best mortgages lenders in the market. We have access to the best mortgage rates available, and have a range of solutions for any circumstance.

Its important to know that at QuoteSupermarket we have access to the whole of the market and will also compare options available if you went directly to a lender. We have access to exclusive rates and take all of the stress out of the application process for you, dealing with lenders, the sometimes endless administration involved and chasing of all of the concerned parties. Get in touch today for more information.

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There are two important timeframes built in to your mortgage. The overall term of your mortgage, normally 25-30 years at outset and the initial rate period, generally a 2-5 year fixed or tracker rate.

When your preferential rate comes to an end you effectively have 3 options;

  • Do nothing- your lender will automatically move your mortgage to their Standard Variable Rate, your payments will increase as the interest rate is likely to be around 5%.
  • Transfer Products- Apply to your current lender for a new preferential rate.
  • Remortgage- Apply to a new lender to take over your mortgage.

Many people often think it's best to stay with their current lender, they often feel a sense of loyalty. However, lenders invariably offer better deals to new customers and can actually be pretty inflexible in terms of altering the existing agreement if you want to stay with them.

Why choose to remortgage?

At Quote Supermarket we tend to find that most people save money by remortgaging to a new lender, plus this offers the opportunity to either raise some extra cash for essential repairs, maintenance or even a well deserved holiday.

This also gives the opportunity for a review of the overall term and structure of the mortgage, ensuring that the loan is repaid as early as is manageable and save you from paying a penny more in interest than is necessary.

Most people looking to get onto the property ladder want to know the same things; can I get a mortgage, and if so, how much can I borrow? Most importantly, what will it all cost?

First Time Buyers can be overwhelmed by the range of options and choices when it comes to arranging a mortgage. There are a range of helpful schemes available to help First Time Buyers take the first step on the property ladder.

Have a look at our handy First Time Buyer guide which aims to answer all those questions and get you on the way to owning your own home. Feel free to give one of our experienced advisers a call if you have any questions or to find out more.

Here at Quote Supermarket we offer whole of market mortgage advice from experts with personal experience of what it means to be a landlord.

With years of experience in developing and letting our own properties we believe that we really understand what it means to be a property investor and are unlike most other high street brokers when it comes to getting what you actually want from a mortgage.

Take a look at our buy to let guide which gives you the fundamentals of why to invest and give an experienced and dedicated adviser a call today to discuss your proposition.

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At Blue Water Financial we will help you understand the different types of available products, how they work and the best way to protect your loved ones and assets.

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