Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Blue Water Financial always aim to deal with all complaints in a timely and professional manner, ensuring a fair and equitable process is followed.

As part of this commitment the following complaints process is designed to provide a straight forward and easily understandable process for all to follow.  The following process does not affect your statutory rights.

Complaints can be raised by any appropriate means such as:-

Telephone 02394 211 590
Post: Hill House, 23-25 Spur Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3DY

Complaints raised by telephone will be logged and basic details taken, if a manager can deal with the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction by phone they will and details will be recorded.  However, if the complainant is still not satisfied it will be necessary for complaints to be issued in writing in order to be progressed (unless the complaint indicates a potential criminal offence has occurred in which case the police will be called)

Complaints should be submitted to the Customer Service Manager at Blue Water Financial, 23-25 Spur Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3DY.  And include the following information as a minimum: nature of complaint, details of the address to which the complaint relates, details of the complainant (name, contact details), details of what is expected from the complaints process (compensation, apology etc) and any supporting evidence regarding the complaint.

Once received a complaint will be logged on the complaints log and the complainant contacted in writing within 7 days of receipt to confirm receipt and detail the process to be followed.

Depending on the nature and severity of the complaint the above communication may also include the findings and recommendations.

The person handling the complaint will keep the complainant appraised of the process at not greater intervals than 7 days until such time the complaint has been investigated and recommendations/finding issued.

The finding will be issued in writing to the complainant who should then respond to the complaint handler within 14 days to confirm agreement or otherwise with the recommendations/findings.

Where the complainant is satisfied with the outcome and agrees to any actions/compensation the complaint handler will ensure that timely closure of the complaint is provided.

Where the complainant is not in agreement with findings of proposed actions the complaint will be escalated to the Managing Director for their consideration.

The outcome of the Managing Director’s decision will be communicated to the complainant as before.

Should the complainant remain dissatisfied after a period of 8 weeks, then the complainant shall be directed to the Financial Ombudsman Services